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B-Team Come up Short at St.George's

posted 17 Jan 2012, 11:14 by knight moves   [ updated 6 Feb 2012, 04:52 ]
Stafford B travelled to Birmingham for a Wolverhampton League Division 3 game against St George’s last week.  Stafford were hoping for a good recovery from their first defeat of 2012, but were off to a bad start before the match even started, being a player short due to illness and exams.  Those travelling from Stafford also had difficulties in finding the venue, but the St George’s team were very sporting in waiting for us to start the game.

James Topp was soon able to equalise the match when he forced his opponent to resign with a formidable attack.   David Barker achieved a draw in a blocked position.

On board 2 Peter Evans, with the black pieces appeared to be in trouble as white developed a strong attack on the b file with queen and both rooks.  One of the rooks then went wandering in search of material, and Peter was able sacrifice the exchange and then won the rook leaving him a piece up for 2 pawns.  Unfortunately Peter then blundered away the knight but he was able to create a passed pawn.   This forced white to draw by perpetual check.

Andrew Leadbetter was pressing hard for a win on board one when his attack ran out of steam and St George's won the board to secure the victory.