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Dropped Points by Strongest Team

posted 19 Feb 2012, 12:30 by knight moves
Stafford B's disappointing Wolverhampton League results continued with a 3-2 loss at home to Brewood B.  This was despite the selection of the strongest team (on paper) of the season.

Kazik Wozniak, on board one found himself in a blocked position and draw was agreed.  Peter Evans on board four also achieved a draw.  It could have been better, as he won a pawn and had passed pawns on the a and b files.  Inaccuracy or carelessness cost him a piece, but his advanced queenside pawns were enough of a danger for his opponent to finish the game with a draw by perpetual check. 

Andrew Leadbetter on board 3 lost a piece in the early stages of the game.  He kept trying to equalise the position but his opponent was secure enough to hold on and win the board for Brewood.  James Topp on board 5 started well an even position was held into the late middle game.  He was even the exchange up when his experienced adversary able to win with a queen and knight combination. 

Ray Hyde was last to finish, winning on board 2.  As usual everyone crowded around the last board playing, which cannot help the players.  Ray was playing an end game with Rook and Bishop versus Rook.  Ray adopted the patient approach and mopped up to remove all of his opponent's chances of winning.  Subsequent analysis did show a possible mating opportunity for Ray, but a win's a win, and sometimes the steady approach is the best.

Congratulations to Brewood as they were out-graded by Stafford on all boards.