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Familiar Story at Cheddleton

posted 28 Feb 2012, 11:17 by knight moves   [ updated 28 Feb 2012, 11:19 ]
Stafford played Cheddleton for the 3rd time in a week with an all too familiar result, as Stafford B returned from the long Friday night journey with only a half point from the possible 4.

Peter Evans on board three, was the first to succumb, resigning when he realised that the Cheddleton skipper had a devastating kingside attack leading to mate after fewer than 25 moves. 

Andrew Leadbetter had been under considerable pressure after he accepted the Queen's gambit.  He lost a piece early and he had to fight off early mating threats.  There then was a coup as his opponent sacrificed a queen for a rook and then won the queen back on the next move.  Andrew's misery was then completed when he allowed his opponent's knight to fork his king and rook.
Boris Ondrejkovic with black on board 4 was down on material but up on time.  White offered a draw and Boris had no alternative but to accept. Well played Boris on his return to the club.

Ken McNulty on board one appeared level for a long time, but his opponent was slowly manoeuvring into a won endgame in which Ken's bishop was hugely inferior to his opponents knight, and after a long series of moves, Ken was finally forced into a position where his next move would fatally weaken his position, so he resigned.