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A Pointless Match v Rugeley

posted 17 Feb 2012, 14:09 by knight moves   [ updated 17 Feb 2012, 14:10 ]
Stafford welcomed Rugeley for a Cannock Division 2 match last Thursday, as the MET office forecast of a total whiteout never materialised.

On board 1, there never looked to be any real advantage either way throughout the entire game, and Kazik Wozniak took a half point.  Ray Hyde on the other hand had won an early piece and pawn on board 2, but at the expense of an under-developed kingside, which included an exposed king on the f2 square.  Somehow, Ray managed to skilfully secure the position of his king whilst maintaining the material advantage, but it took the better part of the game (and his time) to achieve this.  So with the clock ticking ever louder, Ray struggled to find the best moves and blundered his material advantage.  He accepted his opponent's (2nd) draw offer shortly after.

David Barker was heavily out-graded on board 4, and quickly found himself in difficulty once his opponent had secured a passed b-pawn, along with a dominating rook and queen combo on the open c-file.  With the absence of a,b and c pawns, David was forced to use pieces to block the passer.  At a glance, it looked like a fairly straight forward loss, but for the fact that the passer was a lone one, and so with accurate play, David was eventually able to remove the threat and go on to secure a very respectable draw.

In the final game to finish, Ken McNulty played a neat combination on board 3 to secure a central pawn majority, which dictated the remainder of the game.  Every attempt from Ken to press this pawn advantage was met by correct defence from the Rugeley player and as time started to become a significant factor, a draw was agreed.

So, a 'pointless' match overall with 4 draws.