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Roaming in Rushall

posted 20 Mar 2012, 12:47 by knight moves
Stafford’s team in the Cannock League played an away match at Rushall last night.  The start was significantly delayed for Ken McNulty and Peter Evans as Ken’s Sat Nav is convinced that the Rushall venue is adjacent to junction 10 of the M6.  After the air inside the car had turned a shade of blue, they resorted to the old and trusted methods of signposts and memory and eventually arrived to the sound of ticking clocks.

Peter Evans began with a confident quick opening.  He won a pawn, and swapped queens, a rook and 3 minor pieces, but then still in the earlier mindset of having to make up time, succumbed to a backwards moving bishop, which seen his rook fall.  1-0 to Rushall.

Stephane Peddar equalised with a good win on board one, having gained pawns with a combination attack on the king’s side.  He was then two pawns up with each player having two rooks and the opposite coloured bishops.  Stephane was able to remove this problem with another combination that exchanged bishops and one of the rooks; he was then able to win the resulting endgame. 

James Topp, playing black on board 4 contemplated settling for a draw, but he was able to discern slight weaknesses with white’s queenside and in the position of the white king.  James won material with a combination of rook, knight and bishop and he forced his opponent’s resignation with a knight fork of king and rook.

Ken McNulty was last to finish on board 2.  Trying to claw back some lost time, he had played the opening too quickly and allowed his opponent to develop strong minor pieces, which significantly hampered Ken's development.  He went on to lose a forced exchange and although he gained some counter play, his fate was sealed when his opponent returned the exchange to leave an unstoppable passed pawn on the h file.  Final result 2-2.

Thanks to Rushall for a good match, and for their sportsmanship in allowing the 2 late arrivals a grace period of 15 minutes.  Without this, Ken and Peter would have had to play their first 30 moves in approximately 15 minutes.