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Brewood B v Stafford B

posted 17 Nov 2011, 11:22 by knight moves   [ updated 31 Aug 2012, 10:20 ]
Stafford B had an away trip through the country lanes to play Brewood B in Wolverhampton Division 3.  Despite Stafford’s grade advantage on the top three boards the home team achieved an honourable draw.
James Topp, playing black on board 4 was first to finish, he allowed one of White’s centre pawns to take his g7 pawn and his rook on h8 had no escape.  White was able to simplify the position and James was forced to resign as he was left with a bare king against pawns on either wing. 1-0 to Brewood.
Andrew Leadbetter on board 1 gained an early spatial advantage but he was unable to breach his opponent’s defences and a draw was agreed.
Peter Evans on board 3, playing black, equalised the match.  He was playing the King’s Indian Defence and for a time he struggled.  White had achieved a past pawn on the c file and Peter’s knights were in poor positions.  White was slow to exploit his advantage and Peter got his knights into play to exert pressure on White’s central pawns.  White conceded the exchange to reduce the pressure, but this tactic failed and Peter was able to counter attack.
Denis Nesbitt achieved a draw on board 4 despite losing a piece in the early middle game.  He played more actively than his opponent and forced the draw by perpetual check.
Sumit Raisinghaney was last to finish on board 5.  As usual he played steadily throughout the game and got into a King and Pawn ending.  Sumit then learned that King and Rook’s pawn versus King is a draw when the position is played correctly.  In all, 5 enjoyable games.
On a sadder note the match began with a one minute silence to mark the passing of Paul O’Donoghue, a fine chess player for Brewood, Bushbury and Goodyear.  The members of Stafford Chess Club would like to extend their sympathy to Paul’s family and friends.