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Calamity at 'Castle

posted 12 Nov 2011, 12:21 by knight moves   [ updated 12 Nov 2011, 12:22 ]
Stafford B travelled up to Newcastle to face their 'D' team in a North Staffs Div 3 match on Wednesday. 
Kasik Wozniak, playing on board 1 faced an unusual opening and lost a pawn early.  Kasik tried hard to get counter play, but all his efforts were repulsed and the Newcastle Board 1 completed an inevitable win.
On board 2, Andrew Leadbetter defended a very symetrical form of the Giocco Piano, minor pieces were exchanged and there were interesting threats from both sides with Queen and Rook.  Both players nullified the other's threats, more piece exchanges took place and a draw was agreed.
Sumit Raisinghaney on Board 4, began well with a steady opening.  He did come under pressure in the middle game but he defended well and as the game progressed Sumit had 2 rooks for a Queen with his King far up the board.  Then calamity occurred;  Sumit faced a Queen check and resigned believing he was mated.  Subsequent checks showed a way out, never mind.
On Board 3 with the match already lost, Peter Evans managed to agree a fortunate draw.  His game also began with a Giocco Piano, but this one developed faster with Peter sacrificing and then regaining a bishop.  His opponent then defended well, but Peter was able to win a pawn, but with more active King and Rooks against him he lost two pawns to go a pawn down.  Subsequent analyses vary, but a draw was agreed.
Congratulations to Newcastle on a 3-1 win, especially their boards 2 and 3 who obtained good draws against nominally stronger players.