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CDCL Div2 Bushbury Result

posted 30 Jan 2011, 12:28 by knight moves   [ updated 30 Jan 2011, 13:25 ]
Stafford B team travelled the short distance to face Bushbury in a Cannock league division 2 match on Wednesday 26th January.  Bushbury won the last encounter 3-1, so Stafford were well prepared for a tough match.  The team selection reflected this, with Stafford coming in just 5 points under the maximum grading limit of 550.
Roger Butters was first to finish on board 1, securing the first point for Stafford in quick fashion.  So quick in fact that I didn't get a chance to see how brilliantly he clearly must have played.  Oh well, he got the team off on the right foot - that's the main thing.
Ray Hyde was next to finish, playing with the black pieces on board 2.  After an unusual variation of the French Defence (Fischer Gambit), Ray managed to lodge a strong pawn on e4 and castled long.  After successfully nullifying his opponents attempts to break through on the queenside, Ray severely weakened his opponents defences with an f4 advance a few moves later.  White's position was finally torn apart with a very nice knight fork sacrifice, which led to the further sacrifice of a rook to secure the mating attack.
This is the position just prior to black's 25th move.
See how Ray finished it off here (full game).
Ken McNulty was next to finish on board 3.  Playing a Reti opening with white, Ken played a series of exchanges that left his opponent with weakened queenside pawns, which he later picked off.  Ken went on to swap the queens off and go ahead by 5 whole pawns, but oddly enough never promoted a single one of them.  Instead using the pawns to assist the rooks in trapping his opponents king, in a queenside mating attack.
A rather distracted Geoff Cox was last to finish on board 4.  Unfortunately he was unable to give Stafford the whitewash, eventually succumbing to an early loss of material (and at least one illegal move! - which neither player spotted ?!).
Overall a good 3-1 win for Stafford, against a team who had beaten us by the same score just a few short weeks ago.