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Cheddleton Christmas Cheer

posted 16 Dec 2011, 10:51 by knight moves   [ updated 16 Dec 2011, 10:51 ]
Stafford B had a welcome 3-1 home win against Cheddleton in North Staffs League Division 3.

The match was played to the accompaniment of the St. Leonards Christmas Concert and we were inspired, not hindered by the carols.  Peter was even able to set the digital clocks before the match; however it is easier with the North Staffs League playing conditions.

Peter Evans on board 3 was first to finish, defending the Ruy Lopez he achieved an early queen swap and with steady play from both players, a draw was agreed.

Kazik Wozniak, playing black gave Stafford the lead with a good win on the top board.  He had won a bishop at the cost of 2 pawns and the Cheddleton board one appeared to have a solid wall of pawns.  Kazik broke through on the Queenside by sacrificing a rook for a pawn.  If white had accepted the sacrifice a rook check would have skewered on of white's rooks and white resigned.

Sumit Raisinghaney, playing white returned to form with a win in a tense game on board 4.  He achieved passed pawns on the queenside, but his opponent was defending well.  The pawns were lost, but after regrouping, Sumit was able to exchange the rooks and queen a passed central pawn.  His opponent continued to the bitter end, but Sumit's win was inevitable and Kazik did manage to restrain himself from board side coaching.

Andrew on board 2 drew a tense game after chances on both sides.  His opponent played the underrated Philidor's defence which often leads to unpromising positions and this game was no exception.  Andrew at one time was able to gain a piece, but he lost this advantage.  With the match win secured, Andrew agreed a draw.