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County Success for Stafford Players

posted 24 Oct 2010, 11:04 by knightmoves   [ updated 24 Oct 2010, 13:51 by knight moves ]

Two of Stafford's players were in action again for the county on Saturday 23rd October.  This time in an 'Under 140' away fixture against Shropshire, where Denis Nesbitt with the white pieces on board 14 quickly manipulated the game into an overwhelming position in his favour.  His opponent had played some unorthodox moves in a Ruy Lopez opening, and after about 20 moves, Denis had his opponents King floundering in the centre, and undeveloped pieces still sitting on the back rank.  Although material was even at this point in the game, the position certainly wasn't and neither was time, with Denis having 75 minutes remaining, to his opponents 25.  Denis capitalised on his opponents many weaknesses to consolidate and build upon his attack, with little risk to the solidity of his own position.  Struggling to find anything potentially constructive, the Shropshire player finally ran out of time and Denis took the point for Staffordshire (with 35 minutes in hand!)

Ken McNulty was also in action, playing white on board 4, where he managed to secure an early positional advantage, which he built upon throughout the course of the game.  He later converted this into a material advantage, winning a Bishop in a rather neat exchange, skewer combination.  Siezing an opportunity to further enhance his position, Ken went on to trap his opponents rook 'behind enemy lines', leaving his minor piece advantage to tell.  His opponent later resigned having noticed his own flag fall, but the game had already been lost for some considerable time.
Staffordshire won the match 9-7.