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[Updated] Disappointing Defeat Against Bushbury

posted 18 Mar 2011, 14:22 by knight moves   [ updated 3 Feb 2012, 13:24 ]
Stafford have a poor recent history against Bushbury in Wolverhampton League Division One and that record continued with a disappointing defeat in the latest encounter.
The six board match soon became effectively a four boarder after early draws from Roger Butters and Gerald Acey.  Malcolm Armstrong's game was the only other relatively uneventful one, level throughout and, as the major pieces were exchanged to head into a 3 minor piece ending where neither player had any weaknesses that the other could try to exploit, another draw was agreed.
The remaining 3 games saw plenty of thud and blunder.    Pavel Nefyodov, as the only Stafford player to outgrade his opponent, was looking to win in a position that seemed roughly equal, but in seeking to complicate the game he snatched a pawn which proved to be extremely poisoned and he resigned once his opponent played the killing tactic to win a piece. 
Stephane Pedder looked to have a reasonable middlegame position but simply left a bishop en prise and, though he fought long and hard, the inevitable defeat eventually arrived to clinch the match for Bushbury.
In the final game to finish, Ken McNulty had been under severe kingside pressure from an early stage and seemed to be in big trouble when his opponent obtained doubled rooks on the open h-file.     However, he allowed one of the rooks to become trapped and Ken emerged through a time scramble a whole piece up, albeit that his opponent's pieces were much more active.    Ken chose to adjourn the game at this point and, with the advantage of some calm home study of the position, he will expect to secure a win upon resumption which would narrow the final margin to a 3.5-2.5 victory for Bushbury.
With two matches to go, against Shifnal & Telford and Warley Quinborne, but with the league table unclear because of a number of other matches either incomplete or postponed, Stafford probably need to secure one more victory to keep out of the relegation battle.
*** [Update] ***   Having had the better part of a week to consider his position, Ken McNulty's opponent decided to resign the game, making the final score a slightly more respectable 3.5 - 2.5 in Bushbury's favour.