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First of the Simon Trophy Results

posted 12 Nov 2010, 15:59 by knight moves   [ updated 12 Nov 2010, 16:17 ]
In the first match from the Simon Trophy, Geoff Cox faced Denis Nesbitt.  A 9th move pawn (under)promotion certainly added to the interest.
The full game can be viewed here.
Comments from the players:
    "A very strange game with fire on board as Alexi Shirov would say!"
    "We were both looking at an unfamiliar position after 3 moves!"  [km] I know the feeling!
    "I have to say I won the game with a little help from my opponent"
    "I was murdered at the board but enjoyed every minute of it!"
Nice to see the Simon Trophy off to such an enjoyable start.
I know I haven't told you the result - find out for yourself, view the game - it's only 19 moves!