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First points in Cannock Div 2

posted 7 Oct 2010, 16:35 by knightmoves   [ updated 7 Oct 2010, 17:35 by knight moves ]
Stafford B put the loss in their first game of the Cannock Div 2 season well and truly behind them with a 3-1 home win over Rugeley.  Andrew Leadbetter took the first point of the match on board 3.  Despite finding himself a piece down, and with tripled pawns on the Queens Knight file, Andrew fought back first finding a nice fork, forcing his opponent to return the piece, before marching a pawn to the 7th rank, supported by a Rook.  His second Rook soon swept up to the 8th, and supported by the afore mentioned pawn on the 7th, forced his opponents immediate resignation in the face of a pawn promotion.
Stephane Pedder, playing board 1 was next to finish.  Having been on the back foot for much of the game, his oppponents offer of a draw was accepted in quick fashion.  With the benefit of Fritz analysis, perhaps there was more play left in the game, but Stephane was all too aware of the match score, and this result put Stafford on good footing for taking the victory.
Sumit Raisinghaney looked like securing the points for Stafford with a supported passed pawn, but under the pressure of the clock, lost the pawn, and with it the win.  However, the final result of a draw made the match un-loseable for Stafford.
Ken McNulty (last to finish again!) pushed the clock to the limit on board 2, making the first time control with only 5 'digital' seconds to spare.  A very tight game with a couple of missed opportunities finally finished with a fine attack, offering both a Knight and a Queen to secure the win, and with it 3 well deserved points.