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Good Start for Stafford Newcomers

posted 20 May 2011, 12:37 by knight moves   [ updated 20 May 2011, 13:21 ]
Stafford B began their defence of the Wolverhampton Summer League 3rd division last night with a home match against Walsall Kipping, which seen three of our newest members taking the field; James Topp, Sumit Raisinghaney and Boris Ondrejkovic.
The Walsall team were handicapped by one of their players failing to show.  A quick adjustment was made and captain Peter Evans gracefully took the win by default, allowing Guy de Visme to bring out some of his best chess against the Walsall skipper on board 2.  Guy played a clever early combination, at first glance seemingly sacrificing his own queen.  He had it all figured out though; as soon as the re-capturing piece moved, it exposed it's own unprotected queen to a prowling bishop, and Guy was now a whole bishop to the good with the added bonus of having the queens off the board.  The game was far from over at this stage, but Guy maintained control of the game and continued to increase his material advantage en route to an inevitable win.
Now for the new players;  Sumit opened steadily and won an early exchange.  He then contrived a win by inviting his opponent to attack an exposed knight, after which he manoeuvred his rook to a checking square where his opponent would have been forced to give up his queen for the rook.  The Walsall player chose to resign instead, making the game safe for Stafford.
James played steadily against his experienced opponent and won an early pawn in the opening.  However, the position soon became blocked and James had to defend accurately to maintain his advantage.  He did so, and with little chance of progress for either side, a draw was agreed.
Boris, with the black pieces on board 5, played the most watched game of the evening.  Both players kept up the excitement by playing attacking chess.  His opponent struck first with a bishop check on f7, wining a pawn.  Shortly after this, Boris won his opponents queen with a knight and bishop combination.  White was not beaten though, and with an excellent bishop pair, continued the fight which eventually seen Boris returning the queen in exchange for a rook.  He maintained a material advantage for some time but the resultant endgame seen rook & bishop Vs knight & bishop, with passed pawns on both sides.  Most of these fell, and we were left with Boris having king & rook Vs king & pawn.  Tiring rapidly though, he was unable to see the winning moves and a draw was agreed leaving the overall match score at 4-1 to Stafford.
An entertainiing night of chess made all the better by some excellent results, especially for the new players.  Well done to all.