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Hard Lesson at University

posted 30 Nov 2010, 12:38 by knight moves   [ updated 30 Nov 2010, 12:47 ]
Stafford travelled to the neutral venue of Lichfield on Thursday 18th Nov to play the C&DCL Div 1 "New Boys", Aston University.  The previous nights efforts in the 8-Board Cup match left a weakened Stafford team, but we went up 1-0 immediately as one of the University players had dropped out, leaving Denis Nesbitt with an early drive home.

So, only 1.5 points needed from the 3 remaining games to secure victory (...or, for the more pessimistic, 1 out of 3 to secure a draw).  The first to finish was Guy de Visme on Board 3. Neither player had been able secure either material or positional advantage and so, with pieces being exchanged at regular intervals, a draw was soon agreed.


Next to finish was Stephane Pedder on Board 1. Playing a much stronger opponent, he managed to avoid losing any material but found his position becoming weaker and weaker.  Eventually, he found that decisive material loss could not be avoided so resigned to avoid further humiliation.


With the match now level on 1.5 each, everything now depended on Ken McNulty's game on board 2.  Initially he had generated a strong attack on his opponents Kingside castled position.  However the attack started to peter out and, in attempting to keep it going, Ken erred and was forced to give up a piece.

With no compensation for this material Ken was eventually forced to resign - leaving the final match score 2.5-1.5 in Aston's favour.