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Heavy Defeat at Rugeley

posted 17 Dec 2010, 04:38 by knight moves   [ updated 21 Dec 2010, 13:48 ]
Stafford B visited our friends and neighbours from Rugeley Chess Club on Tuesday 7th November and suffered a heavy 4-1 defeat.
It all started so well when Ken Wosniak (playing a rare away match), played a delightful series of combinations that allowed him to infiltrate his opponents defences, and only a resignation prevented Ken winning by mate, or by the winning of a queen.
Then it all went wrong...  Denis Nesbitt lost on board 2; this is the game in his own words.

"Our match started as a Ruy Lopez where I managed to get a positional advantage due to Blacks isolated e pawn, black managed to create threats against my king where I overlooked a tactic which resulted in me having to give up a whole rook, I still created mating threats due to blacks back rank weakness which enabled me to reduce the deficit to the exchange, once black neutralised my threats, I resigned when mate became inevitable."

On board 5, Geoff Cox managed to lose a knight, and though he fought hard and long, could not prevent the inevitable win.

On board 4, Peter Evans had managed to gain a pawn, but was unable to protect it and the game turned in Rugeley's favour by a well directed attack with a rook pair.  There was some play left, but resignation ended up being unavoidable.

Finally, Andrew leadbetter on top board, was able to create pressure on black's kingside for a long time.  However, his attacks ran out of steam and he was left vulnerable, succumbing  to the counter attack.