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Home and Away at Brewood

posted 1 Dec 2011, 12:47 by knight moves   [ updated 8 Dec 2011, 13:04 ]
Stafford B experienced an unusual event this week when we played a home game away.  This was because of a cup game that was due to be played on the intended date, so it was back down the lanes to Brewood.  This time to play the A team who are second in the division.

We did not start well, Sumit Raisinghaney lost quickly on board 5 as his opponent won a piece with a knight combination.   David Barker secured a good draw on board 4, the major pieces were exchanged and the draw was achieved.  A good result against a more highly graded opponent. 

The major disappointment was on board 2; Peter Evans, playing white against the Pirc defence won several pawns and looked to have control of the game.  Black took advantage of the empty spaces and counter attacked. He produced a rook sacrifice followed by a mate.  Initial analysis on the evening did show a defence for Peter and further analysis showed a miscalculation where Peter declined to win the Exchange.  Andrew Leadbetter on board 1 made a steady reply to White's Scotch Gambit, but perhaps with an eye on the mayhem on Board 2 he blundered away a Queen and was forced to concede.  

Denis Nesbitt was last to finish with a draw on board 3. He had to defend some strong attacks in the early part of the game, but these were repelled.  With the match decided, a cramped board and the legendary opposite coloured bishops a draw was agreed.

Well played to Brewood and again another pleasant visit to a friendly club apart from the result.  Ironically the cup game never happened so we could have met at Stafford after all.  Not that it would have affected the result!