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Kidsgrove Confusion

posted 22 Oct 2011, 14:58 by knight moves   [ updated 24 Oct 2011, 14:38 ]
Stafford B turned up for a North Staffs Division 3 match at Kidsgrove on Wednesday to find no opposition and after a 5 minute wait, wondered whether there had been a mix up with fixture dates.  After a quick check on the Kidsgrove website the Stafford players were left rather red faced when they eventually turned up at the correct venue.  At nearly 8pm the clocks had still not been started, a sign of the great sportsmanship of the home players.

Honours were even after the first 2 games, which seen Sumit Raisinghaney take a good win on board 4, while Peter Evans on board 3 had his annual attempt at the 'Fried Liver' attack, with the usual result.  His opponent played the position with much more accuracy and Peter was never able to recover the sacrificed piece.  The attack left black's king in the middle of the board, but as the pieces were exchanged, the king became a strength not a weakness, and the Kidsgrove player took the point.

Ken McNulty played a speculative early knight sac in the Reti opening on board 1.  The intention to gain 2 pawns and an early lead in development was partly successful, but when he eventually found the time to move his queens rook off it's home square, the attacking chances he had sought early on had long fizzled out.  Going into the endgame a bishop down but with 2 extra pawns, Ken was slightly behind, but eventually took the point after his opponent blundered into a position which seen his rook fall.

Andrew Leadbetter also went material down early on in his board 2 game, and had a struggle on his hands to stay on terms for much of the game, but with his opponent running very short on time, Andrew found some counter play and was getting back into the game when his opponents flag fell.

Final result 3-1 to Stafford, but Kidsgrove certainly take the 'sportsmanship' title.  Many thanks to Chris Ford, Julian Cook, Steve Nixon and Dave Johnson for the consideration they gave to our stupidity!