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SCC - Player of the Year

posted 14 Sept 2011, 05:42 by knight moves   [ updated 14 Sept 2011, 14:16 ]
The Stafford Chess Club 'Player of the Year' trophy is a new award which is presented to the player having the best overall performance in league and cup matches, while representing the club.  Results are considered from the Summer league of the previous season, along with all league and cup matches from the closing winter season.
One would not generally expect a 'Player of the Year' trophy to be awarded to a player who actually lost 3 of his first 4 matches, but that's exactly how this player started his season (although perhaps he was somewhat rusty having only played 7 competetive club matches in the previous season).  However, having shaken off the cobwebs it was then a further three and a half months and 11 games before anyone could take a full point from him and in a final run to the end of the season, his stumble at the start line was long forgotten as he rounded off his season with 16.5 points from his remaining 21 matches.
With an impressive final scoresheet of : P25 : W15 : D5 : L5, some may suspect 'easy draws'.  However none of these were easy matches, and with successes in the top division of all 3 leagues (North Staffs, Wolverhampton and Cannock), along with points gained in 'Open' Cup Competition, this player has had a truly remarkable performance in the 2010-11 season, and this is reflected by a whopping 22 point increase in grade.
The Stafford Chess Club Player of the Year is ......... Kasik (Ken) Wosniak
Congratulations to a most deserving winner.
Several other players had strong performances throughout the year and should also be mentioned;  Geoff Cox in particular had a strong start to the season, winning 9 out of his first 11 matches and finishing with a 10 point grade increase, while Stephane Pedder gained 10.5 points from his first 13 matches and finished his season with 19 wins from 34 games.  This resulted in a increase of 9 points to his grade (an achievement matched by Peter Evans).
David Barker had an excellent season, astonishingly losing only 3 matches out of 20.  However, if there was a prize for the most number of draws, David may well have been in the running with 10 of his 20 games resulting in shared points, hence only a 7 point improvement in grade for this year.
Malcolm Armstrong and Gerald Acey both proved difficult to beat, with Malcolm taking '2nd place' in only 7 of 31 matches while Gerald dropped full points in only 4 of his 21 games.
Good luck to all for the coming season, and again, congratulations to Kasik for an excellent performance.