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Stafford B Kick off the Season at Lichfield

posted 21 Sept 2011, 13:07 by knight moves   [ updated 21 Sept 2011, 13:08 ]
League chess, like Christmas gets earlier each year.  On Thursday 19 September, Stafford B visited Lichfield to begin their 2011-2012 Wolverhampton League season.  The match was drawn and we were grateful to Sumit Raisinghaney and James Topp who continued in their successful summer form.

Andrew Leadbetter was first to finish, losing on board one, when he miscalculated a queen exchange to go a piece down.  Denis Nesbitt equalised with a fine win on board 3, he won a piece, then the exchange leaving him a rook ahead.  The win was still not easy and Denis had to play accurately to create the final win.  

Lichfield took a 2-1 lead by winning on board 2.  Peter Evans was defending well, but he launched a premature pawn advance on the f file, which resulted in his opponent gaining a passed pawn on e6.  Peter was now struggling and his increasingly desperate counters were easily repulsed.

All down to boards 4 and 5.  On 4 Sumit won a pawn and the game became a rook and pawn ending.  His opponent eventually equalised, both players queened and many checks ensued.  It did not look well for Sumit at first, but he found the correct moves, the queen exchange was forced and the game drawn.   James, playing white, was last to finish on board 5.  He was defending a cramped position well.  Black nearly broke through, but James was able to exchange the major pieces.  Now the clock was in his favour as black was under great time pressure.  Black continued to press for a win and he possibly missed a mate, but the clock fell giving James a win and Stafford a draw.