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Stafford B Progress in Cup

posted 27 Oct 2011, 11:02 by knight moves   [ updated 27 Oct 2011, 11:02 ]
Stafford B played their first cup match of the season in the Stoke League U130 competition and progressed to the next round with win at Meir.
David Barker was first to finish.  He was hoping to play the Kings Gambit, and as his opponent replied with e5 he was able to do so and he secured a comfortable victory.  Denis Nesbitt playing black on board 2 made it 2-0, winning a game where he was initially forced to defend.  He held his opponent's attacks, swapped pieces to his advantage, won two pawns and forced white to resign. 
Peter Evans secured the match with his first win of the month.  He swapped Queens early leaving his opponent behind in development and quickly won a knight.  He castled on the queen side and controlled the d-file throughout the game.  Pressure was exerted on the king side and the game ended when his opponent blundered under pressure.
Meir then fought back and gained points on board 3 and 4.  James Topp's game on Board 3 was enjoyable to watch, but probably a strain to play.  James, playing white, lost a knight but gained pawns and active pieces in compensation.  Black was handicapped by an undeveloped rook but managed to free his Queen.  The position became complicated; James was looking to promote a pawn, when he lost a rook to the active lady.  James still had the spatial advantage, but black managed to obtain perpetual check.
Sumit Raisinghaney was last to finish and he appeared to be in a stronger position, but both players had a queen, two rooks and a bishop.  When Sumit played the key advance in preparation for a mass swap, a rook was left isolated and a swap of queens, followed by a rook check led to the loss of the rook and the inevitable victory for the Meir board 4. 
A 3.5 to 1.5 win and we await the next round.