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Stafford B v Holmes Chapel Pawns

posted 30 Nov 2010, 13:23 by knight moves   [ updated 30 Nov 2010, 13:29 ]
Stafford B travelled to Holmes Chapel to face the Pawns in a North Staffs Division 3 match on Monday 29th Nov.  Andrew Leadbetter came up against an ever improving Ben Scattergood and was first to finish on board 2.  After some early exchanges, Andrew chanced his arm with a risky attack.  In the end, this proved to be unsound and his opponent capitalised, forcing Andrew into a mistake which saw Holmes Chapel take the first point of the night.

Guy de Visme would have been first to finish on board 4, had his opponent accepted one of his early draw offers.  The game continued for some time, before his opponent finally accepted that the position was such that neither player could make ground, and the draw was unavoidable.


Peter Evans went a pawn down early in his board 3 game, but with sound positional play recovered the pawn with interest.  Peter continued his comeback through a series of neat combinations and pressure on his opponents queen.  His opponents defences finally started to collapse as Peter cleverly maneuvered into a position where he could use his queen to capture a defended rook, as the protecting pawn was pinned against an otherwise unprotected queen. Peter went on to level the match with a checkmate soon after.


Ken McNulty was last to finish on board 1.  Seeing an opportunity to open up his opponents Kingside with an early Bxh7 sacrifice, Ken sustained the pressure while the majority of his opponents minor pieces were engaged on the queenside.  Some clever defensive play seen the game go the full distance, but the game was already looking very favourable for Stafford, with Ken being an exchange up and having an unstoppable kingside pawn majority.  After all possible counter-play had been neutralised, Ken pushed the kingside pawns, forcing his opponents resignation.


Overall, a hard fought 2.5 - 1.5 win for Stafford to remain unbeaten in the current North Staffs League Div 3 season.