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Stafford B v Mercia B

posted 30 Sept 2011, 09:55 by knight moves   [ updated 30 Sept 2011, 10:05 ]
Stafford B had a convincing win over Mercia B by four and half points to half in the Wolverhampton Div 3 match.   The evening began with the presentation of the Stafford Chess Club - Player of the Year award to Kazik Wozniak.   He did say later that this put him under additional pressure with the black pieces on board one.  His game began with his opponent creating a formidable attack against Kazik's castled king.   A proposed Queen swap brought relief.  White initially declined the swap and both players regrouped.  Kazik's position looked a little difficult with four unsupported pawns, however he was able to overcome the difficulty and won after winning a piece and improving his pawns.

James Topp continued his good start with Stafford Chess Club.   He was second to finish with a good win based on his control of the centre permitting him to win a lot of material and force the win.

Captain Peter Evans' win on board 3 gave Stafford a winning lead.  Playing as black, he managed to get into a two knights defence with the colours reversed.  He won a pawn with a knight and bishop combination, but found himself a little underdeveloped, which often happens in games where material is gained quickly.  Peter was forced to defend before breaking out with an advance of his d pawn and the development of his queen.  White tried a number of tricks, but they were refuted and Stafford went 3-0 up.

Andrew Leadbetter appeared to have a strong attack in his game, but his opponent was able to find the correct replies and a draw was agreed. 

Denis Nesbitt playing white, was last to finish. He was forced to play a slow, careful game by black’s deployment of the annoying and underrated Philidor's defence. As time ticked by Denis found a trick to win his opponent’s queen and black's resignation followed.