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Stafford Frozen Out at Walsall

posted 30 Nov 2010, 13:03 by knight moves   [ updated 30 Nov 2010, 13:37 ]
Stafford suffered a heavy defeat at Walsall Kipping in the Wolverhampton League Division 1 match, about which probably the less said the better.  With sub-zero temperatures outside, it was not the best of evenings to be playing in a room with no heating and the arctic conditions made it difficult to focus on the games.  To make things worse, Alex Richardson had travel problems and failed to arrive.
All of the games were hard-fought and the final score rather flattered the home side.   Last to finish was Ken McNulty who had been under pressure in a rook ending but succeeded in reaching a drawn pawn ending only to then blunder and lose.    In resigning he summed up the evening by saying to his opponent that he wished he could at least say that he had enjoyed the game, but he couldn't.