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Stafford Players in County Action

posted 18 Jan 2011, 11:13 by knight moves   [ updated 18 Jan 2011, 11:18 ]
Four Stafford players were in action for Staffordshire U120 teams on January 15th.
Denis Nesbitt represented the Staffordshire Terriers against Warwickshire, and although Warwickshire won the match, Denis secured a win on his board.
Peter Evans (captain), Guy de Visme and Geoff Cox represented the Staffordshire Bulldogs in the 6-6 draw away at Leicestershire with mixed results.

Due to mix up Geoff began playing on Board 10 by mistake, but the match had to be restarted to put him on the correct number 11 board.  His opponent was relieved about the re-start as Geoff had made good opening moves.  His Board 11 game unfortunately ended up as a loss.  Both players had winning chances, but Geoff, playing white, made a Queen check on b8 when a check on f8 would have lead to a mate.  Then black’s attack came into play leading to a win for the Leicestershire player.

Guy playing his first game for a few weeks, came up against an opponent who played correctly and accurately and eventually Guy was forced to resign.

Peter secured a win on his board.  He won a pawn early in the game, but he was unable to maintain the pressure. The board was simplified to a rook, a knight and pawns. His opponent then sprang a good tactical complication by sacrificing her rook in capturing a pawn, when Peter took the pawn with his king he then found his rook and king forked with a night check. Although this was a good tactical coup, it left Peter in a better strategic position giving him a winning endgame.

Amazingly in 12 boards played there were two draws and all other games finished as wins for black.