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Stourbridge Too Strong

posted 13 Oct 2011, 11:45 by knight moves   [ updated 13 Oct 2011, 11:45 ]
Stafford B had a reminder of how hard games can be in the Wolverhampton League, when they met a strong Stourbridge B team. 

Sumit Raisinghaney lost quickly on board five when he managed to get his Queen trapped on his a-file.  David Barker began well on board 4 and he created a passed pawn, but he was unable to hold the advantage. The major pieces were exchanged and a King and pawn ending followed.  His opponent was able to create a passed pawn on the a-file and with David's King occupied elsewhere resignation followed.

Kazik Wozniak had a close game on board 1, he was forced to defend in the early part of the game, but he did get chances of his own.  With opposite coloured bishops the eventual draw was always the probable result, and with accurate play from Kazik this was achieved.

On board 3, Peter Evans had an interesting game. He was defending the Kings Gambit and got a early attack with a bishop and Queen and black had to give up a bishop to avoid a mating attack.  As usual Peter was behind in development and he managed to loose a rook.  The Queens were exchanged and Peter had pawns in compensation for the loss of the Exchange.  A draw was agreed as both players tired.

Denis Nesbitt was last to finish and although he played well and had chances on the board, he was always behind on the clock, he made the first time control, but missed the second and lost on time. A final score of 1-4, with no wins to the home side, more practice needed.