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Struggle against Stourbridge

posted 3 Mar 2011, 15:59 by knight moves   [ updated 3 Mar 2011, 16:30 ]
February 23rd saw the visit of Stourbridge in a Wolverhampton Div 3 match.  The match did not start well for Stafford, who were 1 point down before the start, having had to default a board due to player availability issues.  Ken Wosniak was facing a Welsh Ladies International on board 1, and having played well for the better part of the game, a defensive miscalculation in a difficult position was all his opponent needed to direct her pair of rooks and a bishop to control critical c-file squares, and the game was lost for Ken.
Stourbridge secured a minimum overall draw on board 4, as Peter Evans could not make any progress against his opponent's Sicilian Dragon defence and a draw was agreed.
This left Andrew Leadbetter on board 2 and Denis Nesbitt on board 3, both needing wins just to secure an overall match draw.  Both found themselves in unpromising positions.  Denis, having lost an exchange, had compensation by way of a strong central pawn.  He used this pawn in an ambitious advance, which after an incorrect caputure, led to the pinning of his opponent's queen against the king, turning what started out as an inferior position into a win for the Stafford player.
Andrew's game was very open ad there were chances for both players, but following a multiple rook and queen exchange, Andrew was able to achieve passed pawns on both A and H files, which proved decisive, and Andrew took the win, securing the overall match draw.