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Unexpected Win at Stourbridge

posted 5 Nov 2010, 10:40 by knight moves   [ updated 6 Nov 2010, 12:09 ]
Stafford B travelled to Stourbridge, through roadworks and diversions, to secure a pleasing and unexpected win in Wolverhampton League Division 3.  Despite missing the regular board 1 and 2 players, Stafford won by 3.5 points to 1.5.

First to finish and first to the bar was Geoff Cox on board 3, who contrived to checkmate his opponent with his two bishops.  Next was Peter's board 1 win.  He had gained material advantage with a couple of knight combinations and then was able to achieve a checkmate with a Queen takes rook manoeuvre.  The rook was defended by a bishop, but bishop takes queen was impossible as this would have given a discovered check by Peter's bishop.


Sumit Raisinghaney was making his debut in the Wolverhampton league and he had to give up the unequal fight on board 4, to an opponent who had won a rook in the early stages of the game. David Barker then drew on board 5, even with the white pieces he was unable to improve on last weeks result.


The match was secured by Guy de Visme who kept his nerve in a double edged board 2 game, and after he captured a rook the match was secured. 


Stafford B now have five wins which is one more than was achieved in the whole of the previous winter season.


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