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W3 Woes Continue

posted 21 Jan 2011, 13:42 by knight moves   [ updated 21 Jan 2011, 13:52 ]
Stafford B's poor form in Wolverhampton Division 3 continued with a 3.5 - 1.5 loss at home to bottom team Lichfield, although the match was closer than the score reflects.
First to finish was David Barker on board 5, who managed to achieve a blocked position and an early draw was agreed.

Geoff Cox, playing with the white pieces on board 4, lost a bishop early to a combination of a queen check and a pawn advance.  As usual Geoff fought hard, but eventually he had no option but to concede defeat.


Peter Evans secured the only win in a game where his opponent was handicapped by time pressure. There were a few faults in Peter's play but he did enough to win.


Andrew Leadbetter also managed to get himself under time trouble, in a double-edged game where both sides had chances.  Andrew managed to win the exchange but his attempt to launch a mating thrust was pre-empted by the Lichfield player's own mating move.


So it was all down to Ray Hyde, who needed a win on board one to draw the match.  He was playing his first game for while and the game ended in an interesting endgame;  Ray had 4 pawns and a bishop against a rook and a passed pawn, time was tight for both sides and with tiredness kicking in, his opponent queened first.  Ray was disappointed to lose what he felt was a won position, but the club are grateful to him filling in on board one at short notice.


On a positive note, Stafford B are still top of the WDCL Div 3 league (for the moment).