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Wax and Wane at Wolverhampton

posted 9 Jul 2011, 15:09 by knight moves   [ updated 9 Jul 2011, 15:27 ]
Stafford B drew a close match with Wolverhampton in their rearranged Summer League match.
Boris Ondrejkovic on board 5 gave Stafford an early lead with a quick checkmate.  What a relief for Boris and Stafford, not being the last board to finish.
Wolverhampton regained the lead after winning on boards 3 and 4.  David Barker on board 4, playing his first game for a few weeks had lost too many queenside pawns and when his opponent simplified, David's loss was inevitable.  James Topp on board 3 was also down on pawns and when his attacks were held, he was forced to resign.
Things began to improve for Stafford.  Peter Evans won a game where the advantage changed more than once.  First he won an exchange with a knight fork, but was then put under pressure with a kingside attack, and black's one rook seemed to be better than Peter's two.  Eventually Peter lost a piece but was able to recover momentum with a series of knight checks.  After a lot of play, Peter ended up with king, 2 pawns and a knight versus a lone king, and the match was level.
So it all came down to board 2.  Guy de Visme had played steadily and accurately, despite his confusion with the digital clock.  The game looked level and draw offers were made and declined.  An endgame with knight versus bishop and time running out for both players, eventually ended with an agreed draw.