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WDCL Div 3 Match Decided by Stalemate

posted 29 Jun 2011, 11:55 by knight moves   [ updated 29 Jun 2011, 14:45 ]
Stafford B had a dissappointing 3-2 loss at home to Rushall in Division 3 of the Wolverhampton Summer League.  Congratulations to Rushall, who were outgraded by Stafford.  Most of Stafford's points were gained by their newest players.
Rushall took the lead early on.  Guy de Visme on board 3 was slower in developing his pieces than his opponent and after the queens were swapped, Guy fell to a rook and bishop combination that resulted in his resignation.  Worse was to follow on board 2 when Peter Evans underestimated his adversary and allowed himself to be mated.
Sumit Raisinghaney pulled a point back on board 4, opening well and dominating the board.  A strong kingside attack led to the queening of a pawn and with it, the game was won.  Denis Nesbitt drew on board 1.  He had gone a piece down but had a couple of pawns in compensation.  Denis was able to exert pressure and with good endgame play was able to secure the draw, with the Rushall player short on time.
Boris Ondrejkovic was last to finish with the black pieces on board 5 as everyone gathered to watch.  With the minor pieces exchanged off, both players had a queen, 2 rooks and 8 pawns each.  Boris defended well against a formidable attack on his f-file and as often happens when time gets tight, the game opened up.  Queens and rooks were swapped, and pawns started to fall.  White managed to queen a pawn, albeit at the expense of several of his remaining pawns.  A queen down, but with a significant pawn formation and time getting tighter for both players, Boris advanced his pawns, blocking the queen checks along the way, and the newly promoted white queen fell to a blunder.  The game had one final twist, as Boris queened a pawn of his own, but in doing so his opponent had no legal move.  Stalemate!