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WDCL Return to Form for Stafford B

posted 1 Feb 2011, 12:27 by knight moves   [ updated 1 Feb 2011, 12:33 ]
In Monday's Wolverhampton League Division 3 match, Stafford B achieved their first points in four games with a 3.5-1.5 win away at Rushall.  The Stafford team outgraded their opponents for a change, which probably helped.
First to finish was Ken Wosniak, winning on board 1.  Due to the setup of the room, no-one was able to witness his game, but he finished first and assured alll that he had played one of his best games.

Rushall equalised on board 5, David Barker declined a draw offer in one of his typical blocked positions and eventually Black’s use of his King in the endgame forced a break through.


Board 2 saw a welcome return to form for Andrew Leadbetter, who came from a pawn down and an inferior pawn structure to secure a win with a Queen and Knight combination on his opponent’s king’s side.


Peter Evans agreed a draw on board 3 after his own attacks fizzled out and his opponent had equalised on material.


The win was secured by Geoff Cox, who played well and patiently.  From a blocked position he nullified his opponent’s attacks, gained control of the board and won a rook.  His opponent delayed as long as he could but was forced to resign in the light of Geoff’s overwhelming advantage.


In all a good evening and a nice result.