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Bolstered at Brewood

posted 16 Nov 2012, 12:17 by knight moves   [ updated 16 Nov 2012, 12:32 ]
Stafford B met Brewood A in a “top of the table match” at Brewood this week.  Stafford bolstered their position at the top of the table with a win by 3.5 to 1.5.

Captain Peter Evans playing black on board 4 was first to finish.  He played the Grunfeld defence and he won control of the centre with his bishops.  After the queens were swapped Peter was able to win the Exchange and create two passed pawns, forcing white to resign.

On board 3, Andrew Leadbetter with white was greeted with the Sicilian defence and he followed the maxim that white should attack on black’s kingside.  With a powerful piece attack he was able to win a rook before forcing black’s resignation in the face of further losses. 

James Topp continued his run of form with a good win on board 5.  The game began with a blocked centre and then James declined to castle and launched a push with his pawns on the g and h files with support from his rooks.  He forced his opponent to resign to give Stafford B a 3-0 winning margin. 

With the match secured, Ken McNulty accepted a draw offer on board 2.  Brewood gained a consolation win on board 1 when Kazik was unable to hold a strong attack on the c and d files. 

Thanks to Brewood for their usual friendly welcome and we look forward to the return match next year.