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M6 Takes it's Toll

posted 12 Oct 2012, 14:42 by knight moves   [ updated 13 Oct 2012, 15:17 ]
Stafford B's second match of the Wolverhampton Div 3 season against St George’s was rather less fruitful than their first match.  Most of the team were delayed by traffic problems on the M6, but the match eventually got underway by 7:40pm.   James had travelled separately from the rest of the team and therefore avoided the stress of the M6 to continue his winning start to the season.  Playing black against a d4 opening he was able to safely negotiate his opponents opening traps, before starting his counter attack on the kingside.  With an unstoppable queen, knight and pawn combination was able to force white's resignation.

Perhaps the M6 took it's toll on the rest of the team, as firstly Peter on board 3 with the white pieces faced the Dragon Sicilian.  Although he coped well in the middlegame with black’s pressure on his c file, he had no option but to resign after black went a rook up.

Shortly after, Boris Ondrejkovic having made a good start in his first game of the season by winning two pawns, tried to simplify the position but allowed his opponent to win a piece and was left unable to fight off the St George board 5's strong bishop in the endgame. 

Kazik Wozniak played his usual steady game with white on board 1.  In a cramped position he appeared to have attacking chances against an exposed king, but his opponent was able to make a crucial bishop exchange and with accurate defence from both players only a draw could be achieved. 

Andrew Leadbetter had a long and interesting game on board 2.  He won a piece but he was unable to hold on to it and a tense pattern of play followed with both sides having a queen, a rook, and a minor piece.  Both Kings were exposed and neither player had much time left.  Eventually the first time control was reached and the pieces were exchanged.  Andrew was then a pawn up in an endgame, but miscalculated his advantage with his central pawns and both were lost, leaving the St Georges board 2 able to mop up Andrew's remaining pawns. 

Congratulations to St George’s for their win by 3.5 to 1.5 and endgame practice is the order of the day for Stafford B.