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Strong Start for Stafford B

posted 12 Oct 2012, 14:06 by knight moves   [ updated 12 Oct 2012, 14:06 ]
Stafford B got off to a strong start in the third division of the Wolverhampton League with a fine home win against Wolverhampton B.

James Topp, on board 5 was first to finish.  He was able to exert pressure on the king’s side, with knight, pawn and queen and he eventually won with a neat mating combination.   On board 2, Ken McNulty took an early lead, winning 2 queenside pawns before finding a mate threat which forced his opponent to give up a bishop.  Several other pieces fell before Ken unleashed an overwhelming queenside advance, which forced a resignation from his opponent.

Andrew Leadbetter was playing a cautious opponent who resisted his efforts to simplify at the cost of giving him a considerable spatial advantage.  Andrew was eventually able to fork king and rook with a knight check and victory soon followed.  Meanwhile, Peter Evans on board 4 was guilty of playing too passively and he lost a bishop in the early middle game.  He was able to recapture the piece at the cost of the exchange.  However the swaps gave Peter a passed pawn and a draw was eventually agreed. 

Kazik Wozniak completed the victory in the last game to finish.  He won a complicated end game where both players had a rook each, but with Kazik having a knight and rather less pawns than his opponent.  He was able to use the knight and picking his time to swap rooks he won as the clocks were approaching the end of the game.

A winning score of 4.5 to 0.5 was somewhat flattering as the Wolverhampton team featured a number of reserves.  Still, we'll take the points thank you very much!!!