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Winning Start in Stoke League Division One

posted 13 Nov 2013, 10:50 by knight moves   [ updated 13 Nov 2013, 10:50 ]
Stafford's Stoke League Division One season began with an excellent 4.5-0.5 home victory over Holmes Chapel Kings, as a draw from Lee Grinsell was followed by wins on the other four boards.

Stephane Pedder's opponent did not hang about in advancing his kingside pawns. Stephane calmly left his own king in the centre but still managed to get his queen's rook across to the kingside and with doubled rooks on the open g-file he had pressure against his opponent's pinned knight on g3. The position was very double-edged but the tactics favoured Stephane and he won a piece which soon proved sufficient.

Malcolm Armstrong enjoyed a pleasant space advantage out of the opening as his opponent struggled to get his rooks connected. A central pawn thrust left his opponent with severe white square weaknesses in front of his king around which Malcolm was able to build up a very strong attack. The position was already very difficult when his opponent blundered a piece.

Gerald Acey won a nice game which showed the attacking strength of queen and opposite-coloured bishops. On board one, Lawrence Cooper grabbed a pawn on a2 with his knight and his opponent sacrificed a second pawn in an attempt to open up the position for his bishops. The game was complex but Lawrence succeeded in consolidating his material advantage to complete a very successful evening for Stafford.