Quickplay Handicap 2020

New for 2020, the Quickplay Handicap:

1.  The baseline time is all moves in 80 minutes each (quickplay finish - i.e. no increments).

2.  For each difference in grading points (latest standard grade on the day of playing), 1 minute will be added to the lower graded players clock and 1 minute will be deducted from the higher graded players clock (i.e. each match shall always be 160 minutes maximum duration).

3.  The competition will be run over 5 rounds in a Swiss system, with the top two players then proceeding to play in a final.  The outright winner will be the winner of the final (i.e. disregarding any previous scores in the Swiss section). 

4.  In the event of a drawn final, a re-match event deadline will be set with reduced timings to ensure completion.  

5.  Normal FIDE rules of chess apply at all times, except for the guidelines regarding the final 2 minutes of quickplay finishes (guideline III.4 through to III.6.2 inclusive), which shall NOT apply at any stage in this competition.

6.  Games will not be graded, but there will be a trophy for the winner.

*** Competition suspended until further notice ***

Current round in progress:  Round 2:

Round Closes:   

White Result Black
James Topp  -  Ken McNulty
Peter Evans 1-0 Andrew Leadbetter
Peter Windows  -  Alberto Gissi
Steve Whatmore 1-0  David Barker
John Prout 1-0 BYE