Useful / Fun Links


Local Clubs & Leagues

These are some of the most useful / informative websites for local clubs and leagues.

Newcastle Chess Club    Incl. Chingland & 'Rambling Rook'

Wolverhampton League    WDCL News etc.

MCCU (Midland Counties Chess Union) Midlands chess news

North Staffs Chess    Chess news from around North Staffs 

Staffordshire Chess    Be sure to check the General News

Useful References

Not clear on the Rules of Chess?  Want to find your grade?  Then these links should help.

The English Chess Federation 

ECF Grading Database    Search by name or club

  FIDE Laws of Chess    Includes downloadable handbook

  The Week in Chess    Download magazine. Watch live games

English Chess Forum    Discuss all things Chess

Play Chess / Solve Chess Puzzles Online

Some of the best online chess sites I have found without annoying advertising.  What's more you can play for free!    Modern day 'correspondence' chess    Play 'live' chess online    Interactive Puzzles. Easy to Fiendish
CTS    Chess Tactics Server