Simon Cup - Rules

Stafford Chess Club - Quickplay 2021/22 (Simon Cup)

1. Before the drawing of round 1, all players are allocated a 'player number' in order of grade (approximated where necessary for ungraded players). Players will retain this player number for the duration of the tournament.

2. The base time will be all moves in 80 minutes each (quickplay finish - i.e. no increments). In each round, for every 1 point difference in 'player number', a pre-determined amount of time is added to the lower graded players clock and the same amount of time is deducted from the higher graded players clock. (i.e. each match shall always be 160 minutes maximum duration). See below for example.

3. The competition will be run over 5 rounds in a Swiss system, with the top two players then proceeding to play in a final. The outright winner will be the winner of the final (i.e. disregarding any previous scores in the Swiss section).

4. In the event of a drawn final, a re-match event deadline will be set with reduced timings to ensure completion.

5. Normal FIDE rules of chess apply at all times, except for Appendix D, regarding the final 2 minutes of quickplay finishes, which shall NOT apply at any stage in this competition.

6. Games will not be graded, but there will be a trophy for the winner.

Clock timings for the duration of the tournament: