SCC Committee

Steve Whatmore


Member since:  2019

Steve is also our 1st team captain in both Cannock and North Staffs leagues.

As well as being one of our most active players in competitive chess, Steve is a keen organiser of fun events in the club, and a willing coach for new members. 



Member since: 2010

David has been an active league player since joining our club, quickly establishing himself in all our league and cup teams.

David can pull a win out of the hat with his favoured opening (his own secret weapon), but is probably better known for being able to grind out a draw.


Club Secretary

Member since: 1994

Ken is also our Tournament Secretary, Webmaster and 1st team captain in the Wolverhampton league.

He has dabbled with many openings and defensive systems over the years, but is more at home in an endgame.



Member since: 1987

Peter is one of the longest standing members of our club,  joining 6 years before the introduction of the world wide web, while Garry Kasparov was dominating the World chess scene.

A regular 2nd team captain in various leagues and cups over the years and a keen quizzer, but not on chess night!


Safeguarding Officer

Member since: 2023

Jack has been one of the most regular faces at our club nights since joining us on our relocation to BMSA. 

He quickly volunteered to serve on our committee, and has a keen interest in promoting our club through various social platforms.



Member since:  ?

A club will only exist if at least some people are willing to put themselves out to make it so.

There are many ways in which you can help your club; From joining the committee or a sub-committee, to taking on a team captaincy role.