Simon Cup

Dr Hermann Simon, a local millionaire and industrialist, was born in 1900 in Germany.  He joined 'Spic and Span Shoe Polishes Ltd' (later to become Evode) as a director and chemist in 1937 when being Jewish, he'd had to flee Germany during the Nazi persecution.

During the Second World War Dr. Simon, as a German National, was interned, but after his company made representations to the government, Dr. Simon was released after only nine months.  He returned to the company to develop and supply the government with sealants, paints and waterproofing compounds to aid the war effort. 

He was a member of Stafford Chess Club for many years, and donated the cup.  Originally his surname was pronounced 'Zee-mon,' but after the first few years he preferred the English pronunciation.  In fact he preferred to regard himself as an English gentleman rather than German.

He was head of the Evode company until his death in 1978, and is fondly remembered by several of the more long-term members of Stafford Chess Club.

The Simon Cup has been competed for under different formats over the years.  The current format is a standard play Swiss competition.

The tournament is open to all players with a minimum ECF rating as determined in the current playing rules.

Each player will play in a 5 round Swiss competition throughout the season, with the top two players proceeding to a grand final.

Previous Winners

A full biography of 'The Doctor' can be found here .