Stafford Chess Club - Summer Rapidplay 2024

General Rules


All members of Stafford Chess Club are eligible to enter the tournament, provided they hold a valid ECF membership at Bronze level or higher.


All Rapidplay game results in the tournament will be submitted to the English Chess Federation (ECF) for national rating.  It is a condition of playing in the competition that the data submitted at the time of entry will be forwarded to the ECF as required to enable the games to be rated by the ECF.

Allocation of Ratings

The ratings used for the tournament will be the highest of the following:

ECF Rapidplay Rating  - A or K categories only
ECF Online Rapidplay Rating

Where a player has none of these ratings, the tournament secretary will assign an estimate based on available data, including ratings in other time formats, failing which the player will be assigned a rating of 0.

Format:                 Depending on numbers for each section, either a. or b, followed by Semi-Final/Final.

a.   Round Robin (All play all – colours by lot).

b.   Double Round Robin (All-play-all twice, with reversed colours for the 2nd game).

Sections:              Major (under 2000)
                              Minor (under 1500)

      Players should indicate which section they wish to enter.  Entry to a higher section than a players grade is at the discretion of the tournament secretary.  

Time Control:       Game/25 + 10’ (setting 16 on DGT2010 clocks)

Rounds:       Depending on number of entrants. 

Schedule: Preliminary rounds:  01-May-24 to 28-Jun-24
Semi-Finals:      29-Jun-24 to 19-Jul-24
Finals:                 20-Jul-24 to 09-Aug-24

Scoring:                 Points will be awarded as follows for each game:

                             Win     1 points
Draw   0.5 point
Loss     0 points

Tiebreaks:          In the event of a points tie in a section, final placings will be decided in order of precedence by;

   1.   Head-to-head results

   2.   Most games played

   3.   Most OTB wins

Play-Offs / Finals:

The top points scorer in each section will proceed directly to the section final.

The 2nd and 3rd placed section players will play off in a semi-final, with the winner proceeding to the final.

Tied Finals:          Semi-Finals & Final matches will be best of 2 games (white & black each).